Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Scams from PNY and RebateHQ

I never and will never get that Mail_in Rebates from PNY.

I know is just $ 10.00 USD but PNY and RebateHQ are bastards.

The Idiot at RebateHQ said It was Promo Code 06-54335 but it is on the Best Fangule Promo Code 06-54355.

So NO rebate. I will not go shop at Best Buy or Future Shop anymore plus I will never purchase anything with a Factory Mail-in Rebate.

I know that Stooles is not better then Future Plotte or Best Fangule.

The customer service for Future Shop in Burnaby sucks Big time, they Answer Best Buy but it is they are the same All Total Losers from Future Plotte.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mail_in Rebate scams

Hello this is my first Post.

Please, Do not purchase any products with mail-in rebates from the stores directly. Example: Mail In rebate form from Best buy. You will not get your money or it will take lots of energy from you to get your money.

This applies also tho Staples, Future Shop and other.

Please leave me your comments.


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